Shopping for furniture shouldn't be a task that you want to put off—it should be an exciting opportunity to use your budget to find something fabulous for your home. That’s what we believe at Home Zone Furniture in Wichita Falls.

When our family started this business back in 2007, we did so because we realized that most furniture stores simply did not deliver the experience that shoppers deserved. Dark, cluttered stores, pushy salespeople, exorbitant prices, and the pressure to buy what they want to see you buy, not what you want— we've addressed all these issues so that you can shop for new dining room furniture in peace.

Reasons why Home Zone Ranks among the Best Furniture Stores in Wichita Falls

First, our stores are large, spacious, and intelligently laid out so that there is plenty of room to consider every piece of furniture on its own merits in sensible settings.

Second, you'll find that our staff members are nothing but friendly and attentive—when you want their attention, that is! We're happy to allow you to shop in peace, but we're never too far away when you have questions or concerns about mattresses and other bedroom furniture that might catch your eye.

Third, we've worked hard to pass savings on to our customers. We keep our overhead low, maintain fabulous relationships with our suppliers, and cut out the middleman—all so you get a better deal. The best furniture stores price their products fairly, and that's a principle that we believe in strongly.

Finally, our stores are entirely commission-free. We want you to feel relaxed as you consider how to create the perfect family room with our living room furniture.

Don't delay—come and explore all there is to enjoy at Home Zone Furniture in Wichita Falls. Our family-friendly showrooms are ready for your visit today.

Opening hours

Sun: 12:00 PM - 6:00 PM
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