At Home Zone Furniture, we believe that the best furniture stores are the ones that leave you feeling happy and excited when you walk out the door—not frustrated. For too long, the enjoyment has been left out of furniture shopping. The result? Fewer places that can offer you the character that you want from your bedroom or living room furniture. Our family-owned and operated business set out to provide a different experience that would put the excitement back into shopping for new furnishings.

Explore our Dining Room Furniture in Richardson

From our location in Richardson, we provide shoppers with the chance to explore everything from plush new mattresses and bedroom furniture to elegant dining room furniture suitable for entertaining small and large groups. By eliminating expensive middlemen and working directly with suppliers ourselves, we not only produce unique items for our customers but do so at better prices and with higher quality. We don't think that you should ever feel sticker shock when browsing for a piece of furniture that you like.

The same is true when you make a purchase. Our sales staff does not work on commission. Instead, they show up every day excited to help families find the solutions that work best for them. Our expansive furniture stores have everything that you could imagine, staged beautifully so that you can picture just what it would look like in your home.

A fixture across Texas and Oklahoma for nearly 15 years, Home Zone Furniture brings the family touch back to the furniture business—just like the way it used to be. Visit our Richardson location today and enjoy shopping for new furniture that the whole family will love.

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