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On-the-Go Healthy Foods for Your On-the-Go Lifestyle

  Sometimes life decides it needs to get busy and speed up a little…and you find yourself at a fast food drive-thru contemplating your unhealthy lifestyle and how you got to that point as you hand over your credit card in exchange for a box of deep-fried goodness. Or is that just us? Today we are sharing with you the BEST foods that will fit your undoubtedly jam packed schedule. And the best part? You won’t be feeling that lump of regret in your stomach aka french fries or cheeseburgers.   ONLY SMOOTH(IE) SAILING FROM HERE Perfect for early mornings, a smoothie can be just what you need to get your day started without feeling weighed down. It is highly customizable, giving you endless options and the reassurance that you can use ingredients that you enjoy. TIP: Cut your fruit the night before to streamline the process even more! If you also place the fruit into baggies, you can pop them in the freezer and avoid having to blend ice into your smoothie the next day.   TO GET YOU STARTED: 5 Ingredient Smoothies That Taste & Look So Good We Want to Cry Freezer Smoothie Packs Banana Oatmeal Breakfast […]

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