A bedroom that looks like a page out of a magazine; a living room defined by welcoming comfort; a dining area fit for a crowded table and lots of laughter and good times. All these things are just a few steps away when you visit our Home Zone Furniture location in Abilene, Texas. The best furniture stores not only stock an array of high-quality furniture but also go out of their way to understand your vision and help you achieve it. Whether you’re shopping for bedroom furniture, living room furniture, dining room furniture, or mattresses, we can help you find the perfect piece or furniture set.
Find the Best Furniture Stores in Abilene, TX
Home Zone Furniture was founded in 2007, intending to bring family-like customer service back into furniture stores. For years, the market has been dominated by big box stores that are high on inventory but low on personal touch. As a small family-owned business, we know that most of the customers who walk through our doors are families looking for ways to enliven the homes they share. Our furniture stores are built with this family-first mentality as a foundation. We provide a fun environment to shop around and explore different styles and décor themes (even including free ice cream!) and work closely with our customers to help them find the perfect items.
We believe that the best furniture stores will make you feel at home before you even get your new furnishings back to your house. At our store in Abilene, you’ll feel this welcoming atmosphere from the moment you walk through the door. Stop in to see us today!

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